Why Complete Wellness Solutions?

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“The health and well-being of our team are crucial to our success as a company.  We were struggling to find a comprehensive way to provide our employees with tools, resources, and support until we found Complete Wellness Solutions.  Our partnership with CWS has led to a seamless integration of Wellness options including health screenings, website portal, team challenges that reward healthy lifestyle choices, and onsite classes.  CWS models the behaviors they endorse and provides local resources and support that fit our workforce and Wellness Program goals.”

3Rivers Federal Credit Union

Employer, Northeast Indiana

“The Town of Chesterton has been very happy with our partnership with Complete Wellness Solutions. The staff are wonderful to work with and very attentive and responsie to our wellness program needs.”

Town of Chesterton

Employer, Northwest Indiana

“I believe Complete Wellness Solutions has one of the best functional wellness portals I have seen. I also believe it is priced right. The functionality of the program is phenomenal, offering a full onslaught of features with a ‘next generation’ look moves CWS to a higher standard. The CWS portal does an outstanding job of tracking and reporting data for both the individual and for the organization. I think this type of initiative is a logical next step for any organization.”

Chuck Gillespie

Former Executive Director, Wellness Council of Indiana

“The CWS newsletter is always incredible. You do not realized the difference it is making in our church. I am trying to get every black church in Fort Wayne to get on board. Thanks for being so prompt and diligent in delivering wellness content to our congregation.”

Turner Chapel A.M.E

Fort Wayne, Indiana

“The CWS wellness portal is a great resource to our employees. It is a wonderful way for them to not only gain valuable information about our wellness plan, but to also document all the ways in which they are taking care of themselves. Through the portal, employees have access to their lab results from our annual biometric screenings. They can see what areas they need to work on and the portal provides excellent recommendations.”

Human Resources Director

School District, Northeast Indiana

“I am impressed with the Complete Wellness Solutions product line. The portal gives professionals the opportunity to monitor health changes across time while giving individuals the chance to think about their health-related decisions. CWS does a great job of offering a holistic view of wellbeing and connecting with real-world people by using familiar language and meeting them where they’re at. Lifestyle changes take time, and I think this is a tool that can make a valuable contribution to the change process.”

Dr. Jane Ellery

Associate Professor at the Fisher Institute for Health and Wellbeing, Ball State University

“Thank you! This program has started me wearing my UP by Jawbone again and attemping to get more steps in each day.”

Employee Participant

“This has been a great program. The site is very user-friendly and has an abundance of ideas!”

Employee Participant

“I would just like to say this is an awesome program. Not only is the monetary reward great, the ongoing camaraderie among all of my co-workers has been a blast. It is such a great encouragement to not only get the points but to know we are investing in our health at the same time!!!

Employee Participant

“We have a lot of people participating in our department. We are competing over here to see who can get to the next level first!”

Employee Participant

“Awesome program, thank you so much. I have a goal to lose about 50 pounds by the end of the year… changing my lifestyle and habits.”

Employee Participant

“I really like this new program! Not just because of the monetary component but the knowledge! The accessbility is remarkable.”

Employee Participant

“Just a quick note that I am down 15 pounds but more than that, I feel GREAT! Thank you for all the great tips and encouragement. The wellness classess totally changed my view on food, my health, and ultimately, changed my life.”

Stop Diabetes Program Participant